IMG_0519I was amazed at my 8 year-old friend’s knowledge and excitement over Jane Goodall’s story and how she couldn’t wait for us to assemble the research tent, cot, desk and chair for immediate doll role-play. Her second grade teacher had read the class a book about Jane Goodall so my little friend started right in re-enacting the story and adding to the plot. Starting with messing up her doll’s hair, since Jane was out in the rainforest, to sitting her doll at the research desk and jotting down observations in the journal, my little friend took her Dr. Goodall through a visit to the chimpanzees (re-enacting with The Queens’ Treasures’ Mother and Baby Plush Chimpanzee), using the camera and telescope to record their moves, “in the same spot where I saw my chimps.” Her little brother sat behind the doll, holding her elbows to help her type out her findings! My friend told me that it took Jane Goodall several months before she saw any chimpanzees and went on to act out an extended stay on her cot in the tent “when she got very sick.” Moms loved this set designed to empower girls to emulate strong role models like scientist Dr. Goodall who said, “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” Pretend play can build confidence, social skills, and language complexity through generating a story. How exciting that it might also inspire some future leaders! 

Note: 10% of sales will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute to support Dr. Goodall’s research, chimpanzee conservation and the graduation of a new generation of conservationists.

Available at The Queen’s Treasures. Click here. Included in this review but sold separately are the Research Kit and Accessories, Cot and Tent.