Everything about Grippies Stackers says your child is about to have a quality, learning experience, starting with the sturdy cylindrical tub with a bright orange bumpy handle and 3 distinct sensory options on the outside of the container. Now open the top and out comes a 16 piece set of three dimensional interlocking pieces, X’s, cylinders, 3 faces with expressions and varied patterns to give various sensory input. This toddler STEM/STEAM set can be for independent play or is a great activity to share with a sibling or parent as kids build, create, and animate their people. The X-shaped blocks can be stacked with good “grippie” power to stay in line, or made into figures, adding a magnetic face depicting sleepy, mad, sad or happy. Last year  Guidecraft brought us “Better Builders Emotions” which thrilled parents, teachers and therapists as these magnetic people generated helpful conversation with kids about emotions. Grippies Stackers can do the same for younger siblings, as kids choose a face to match an experience or feeling throughout their day. When children learn to name their emotions and those of others their emotional IQ can be strengthened as well as social language. Each X-block is magnetized on 2 of its cut-out sides to attract cylinders and faces to make figures who can talk and practice telling stories. These little Grippies are packed with learning fun for fine motor, sensory and language learning experiences.

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