Hedbanz Lightspeed is a fun twist on a familiar favorite. It’s got a new thrill with remarkable language development benefits that will keep clue givers and guessers busy. The game enhances vocabulary building, promotes faster word retrieval, and helps develop problem solving skills.

Players take turns wearing the Heabanz light-up unit and try to guess 3 cards. At the start of the round, the unit sounds and lights up one of 3 colors indicating 3 ways to guess: (1) Act it out, (2) Ask Questions, and (3) Just 3 clues. After each player gets a turn as the guesser, the player with the most cards at the end of the round wins.

This game has excellent language and creativity benefits. With three different ways to give and receive clues, players practice naming to description, understand content categories, and even engage in some problem solving and gross motor action. They’re thinking about object characteristics, functions, and attributes, expanding their vocabularies and developing their ability to express ideas.

The game’s fast-paced nature pushes players to think on their feet and provide descriptive cues and recall words rapidly. As players race against the timer to guess the card on their head, they engage in rapid word retrieval, strengthening their ability to access vocabulary quickly and efficiently. This skill is critical for everyday communication in conversation and academic settings.

Hedbanz Lightspeed will light up game night by promoting vocabulary through description, facilitating faster word retrieval, and sparking fun conversations. With three methods of clue giving and guessing, it’s dynamic, fun, and provides that added hidden learning element.

Available at Spin Master, Amazon and Target