Kids and parents flocked (no pun intended) to this beautiful Hen Puppet with a red, feathery plush body, gorgeous striped wings, moveable beak, and lifelike claws. Little puppeteers can move the wings as well as the mouth and even take a break as the hen will sit down nicely on stage! Folkmanis puppets are well known for the little tag on each puppet that includes, fables, starter dialogue, or fun facts about the animal puppet. In this case, the popular folk tale, “The Little Red Hen” is provided to get conversation and storytelling started. Kids love that story with its repetition, “Not I,” as well as lesson learned about how to help out if you want to enjoy the final product. Our friends needed little prompting to start right in with their clucking and nipping as their dialogue began to take shape. Puppets are a wonderful vehicle for pretend play, as children take on a role, give their animal a voice and create a story, reinforcing skills for reading and writing.

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