Looking for a festive holiday gift this season? Puzzles are a fantastic choice! They’re fun and educational as they promote different learning skills like problem solving, visual perception and spatial awareness, and improve concentration.

The Holiday Dinosaurs and Festive Mermaids by MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom are 100+ piece puzzles which bring on the perfect challenge for children ages 5 and up. These perfectly themed puzzles have delightful artwork that gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

Our dinosaur lovers swooned over naming each dinosaur in their holiday winter scene. An ice skating spinosaurus, a pteranodon making a snow angel, a parasaurolophus sledding down the hill and a T-Rex and triceratops working together to roll snowballs for a snowman. They used logic and reasoning to match colors and create stories for the dinos’ holiday plans.

Three mermaids worked to decorate their underwater tree while jellyfish, sea turtles, and sea anemones looked on. Using language to problem solve through this puzzle was nearly essential. Children guided each other as they worked cooperatively to place each sea creature, coral piece, and tree ornament in its exact spot.

These puzzles are great holiday activity, showcase delightful artwork and are durable for many years of use. Children benefitted from different learning aspects of play, including fine motor and visual-spatial skills as they flipped, turned and manipulated each piece. They practiced problem solving and logic and even enjoyed telling stories about the characters that they worked to piece together.

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