Imagination Poppers combine calming sensory stimulation and creativity in one focus-forming game. The silicone centers pop back and fourth and each popper slides to connect with a satisfying sliding motion. In a world where kids need calm, this is a fun and soothing choice.

Inside are 30 popper blocks in 6 different rainbow colors. There are 20 double-sided design cards for kids to follow 40 design builds or they can create their own. Students practiced design, planning, spatial awareness and spatial thinking while interlocking their Imagination Popper. Once a design was complete, they worked to press and pop for a gratifying sensory experience.

“I love these things!” was the first thing our 10-year old toy tester said. She quickly worked to connect and disconnect the poppers in playful patterns while popping the silicone centers over and over. She worked to create rainbows, shapes, and even animals independently. These also helped with improved concentration and focus while she completed her reading homework.

Imagination Poppers are Sensory Genius! A great game where children can develop higher level critical thinking skills (like planning and problem solving) along with strengthening their need to build resiliency through play.

Available at MindWare