Magnets are magic to kids. “They’re sticky” my friend declared. He had fun mixing  up the fawn, fox, rabbit and more to make his own characters. Dad walked by and told us all the possible magnetic places in the kitchen, as he recognizes how fun it is to adhere the animals. We settled on a cookie sheet since the refrigerator didn’t stick. It made a fine tray of fun mix and match with our snug bear holding a flag, deer with a flower, bunny and his apple, kitty with her ball and more. Toddler play is enriched when parents and caregivers join in to reinforce activities with language. Talking about and describing the characters your child is making, builds vocabulary and sentences with your little learner. Kids can learn colors, patterns (stripes/polka dots), animals and objects as you name them while your child is attending to that animal. It doesn’t hurt that adults find magnets fun too!