Janod_Service%20Station%20Garage2Drive your car, ambulance or taxi up to the gas station for full service or just a car wash. This vintage garage introduces kids to the many options for activities and they take charge, rolling the elevator up to another level, raising the car wash roller for a thorough cleaning, moving ramps around to navigate parking or filling up their tank with gas. The 3 stand-up figures represent different play directions with one holding the gas pump, a tire or riding a motorcycle. Two cars, a taxi and ambulance can start up the story about a visit to the hospital, gassing up before a trip or visiting sites in the city. Kids can act out the role of customer or service station employee, building social and language skills as they navigate roles from their experience, from visiting the gas station through the week. This was a favorite stop in the playroom, as kids enjoyed the elevator and servicing their cars, making up their story with the perfect props for vehicle fun.