Janod_Observation%20PuzzleI’m a big fan of Janod’s observation puzzles because there is so much activity and elements to talk about around a theme–in this case a horse farm. Horses are a hot toy theme currently and kids love toys that involve their care, training, transporting and rest. Many scenarios are pictured in this intricate illustration, with the edge of the circled puzzle containing 50 objects, animals or people to find in the picture. A guessing game ensues as kids try to be the first to find a watering can, sandwich, rake or trough. Searching for an item by looking by category or associated items to find it is a language lesson in itself. Where would we find a rake? a riding hat? or a hose? Maybe near the hay, on a head or by the shower. Parents and teachers love the round carrying case with the wooden hook to keep the 208 pieces securely inside for the next round of fun.

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