Janod_Shape%20Sorter%20Garden%20TexturesKids loved this portable garden house where animal friends slip in and out of different shaped holes. Get to know the triangle, pentagon, square, circle, moon, and star as kids select matching shaped blocks with the little face that fits into the tree house, bee hive, rabbit hutch, tree or roof. Want to start again? Just open the lid, gather the blocks and get to work. Faces engage kids whether the sleepy eyes of the moon, smile on the star, rabbit’s whiskers or the nose of the fox, each block has plenty to talk about and describe, building vocabulary of shapes, colors, patterns, textures and scenes. Our little friend petted the fur of the fox’s tail, felt the tiny bumps on the snail’s shell and stroked the bunny’s white coat. Adding textures to the animals, smoke and tree leaves adds a sensory experience to shape sorting, enhancing language learning with a multi-sensory learning experience.