unspecifiedKids were drawn right to this hen presiding over her house of shapes and played with it non-stop! A color-coded circle, heart, square, triangle, cross, and star are pushed through corresponding holes in the house to slide down the ramp, out onto the table and sound the bell. The hen, whose neck fits into the top of the chimney, was pulled out and played with as a character or used as a hammer to pound the wooden egg through its hole and out the house. Requiring a little muscle, pounding the egg was the favorite activity. What a fun way to combine a little pretend play and language learning. Name the shapes and colors as your child selects, matches and sends the blocks through the holes and talk about in/out, up/down, top/bottom, or fast/slow. Kids learn more language when we are talking about what they are looking at or interested in. This little house provides lots of opportunity to describe what’s moving in the hen house!