“Just Add Egg” inspires kids to be a scientist and artist as they go through the 10 experiments and craft projects whose main star is, you guessed it, an egg! The set includes a wick, soap, moulding clay, corn syrup, and food coloring among other items so kids can create disappearing eggs, dinosaur eggs, chalk, an egg succulent garden or egg shell geode to name a few activities. This is a good parent-child activity as certain steps are signified as “Let your parents do this for you.” The steps to the experiments are followed by observation points and related science with plenty of “What did you see?” and “Why?” questions. Kids learn about osmosis as they make a naked egg through soaking raw eggs in vinegar, creating a vacuum to suck a hard boiled egg into a bottle, and heat and saturation as they watch crystals form on their Egg Shell Geode. Young DIY crafters will enjoy filling an egg shell with wax (with parents’ help) and a wick to make an egg shaped candle, gluing colored egg shell pieces to animal character pictures and the clever egg shaped packaging as a mosaic, as well as making chalk and an egg succulent garden. Kids are learning and creating throughout the activities while being challenged to think how and why eggs shrank, shells disappeared and changed color. Observing and thinking critically as scientists, children are exercising language skills to communicate, explain and come to conclusions. What a whole lot learning fun in one big egg box!

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