Don’t you love little girls whose pigtails stick straight out? It just says spunky to me which is just what Kelly portrays with her sweet smile, yarn hair, rosy cheeks and soft but firm body that sits by your side or hangs on for a walk around the playroom. Mom loved the yarn hair and sweet outfits. This kid-sized doll is a perfect companion for toddlers ready for pretend play. At around 1 year of age, children begin imitating everyday activities that they experience throughout their day–eating, dressing, playing, sleeping, reading, going to the doctor and so on. Critical for language development, pretend play fosters inventing stories, imitating and creating dialogue, solving problems and developing social skills like empathy as a child’s doll becomes a best friend tag-along! Kelly comes with a sweet heart themed dress and fleece cardigan that is easy for little hands to take on and off. Other outfits are available like her turquoise dress and cardigan for $12.50 which includes big bows for those pigtails.