Plan kitchen set 2When it comes to a language learning toy, less is more. Plan Toy’s new Kitchen Set qualifies and delivers great play. This portable kitchen has just enough detail and functionality to draw out the creativity in kids. They aren’t distracted by overly detailed accessories but instead grab pretend salt and pepper from the open compartments to sprinkle on their food, or turn their fingers on the clock “to set the timer.” My little friend saw the three options pictured on the clicking knob and said, “Can we do cupcakes?” and went on to say, “I think we should do fish” as she prepared it with salt and put her pretend fish in the pan. “Look, the time is up, let me get my mitten,” as she grabbed at the pictured oven mitt. Finally after preparing rice, apples and chicken she said, “Look our guests have arrived,” and gathered some figures to enjoy our meal! All this with only a pot, pan and spatula. The meal was quite elaborate as the child lead the play, creating a pretend story and building her language skills that contribute to later reading and writing .