Parents can strap on a Lapiluv entertainment center and be right in the middle of learning with their child. The double sided apron is well-designed to house traditional  toys or technology. The blue denim side has multiple loops to attach a dangling bouncy chicken, crinkle cat, mushroom rattle, pull-down vibrating whale and baby, apple mirror, rainbow, or toys of your choice, as well as a pocket for your i-Phone. Flip the apron over and specially sized pockets can hold an iPad or smartphone. Cuddle up with your baby or toddler facing you as they explore the toys or apps and take advantage of some together time. My endorsement as a language learning toy is contingent on parents using the toy or technology, not as a babysitter, but to launch a conversation with their child, each contributing verbally to their activity. I had a terrific tester mom who watched her 14 month-old daughter press on an animal on the iPad, comment, wait for her to look up at her and continue to have a conversation. It was delightful language learning:

  • Follow your child’s attention (what is he pointing to or pressing on) and comment and converse about that picture or toy. “Yes, that’s a duck. A duck says quack quack. Can you find the frog?” Kids take in more language when you talk about what they are looking at.
  • Look up and have eye contact now and then with your child so she can see you talking about your shared activity. Kids learn from your expressions and gestures too.
  • Describe the different patterns, textures and actions of the hanging toys as your child explores them, building his vocabulary.
  • Follow you child’s lead and stop when she’s no longer interested. Play is just that! It should be child-centered and fun.

Parents felt the Lapiluv would be most useful for travel, waiting for appointments or eating out.

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