The newest member of Leap Frog’sLeapBuilders collection, the Store & Go Dump Truck will build (pun intended!) your early talker’s language skills. The truck includes 4 main pieces, all removable for maximizing building practice with every turn: the base with wheels, the Smart Star Cube (front of the truck), the bucket, and 10 double sided learning blocks. Before even hitting the “on” switch, this Dump Truck provides so many different language learning opportunities! After building the Dump Truck and putting together it’s parts, kids can start by sending blocks through the chute of the Smart Star Cube which drops them into the bucket, or they place them directly into the dump bucket. This is a great opportunity for practicing prepositions such as “in/inside” and early verbs like “push” over and over again, which will boost word learning! Studies show that children learn through repetition, so doing the same thing again and again, actually helps them have faster processing skills and stronger connections in their brain.

 There’s so much more that the Store & Go Dump Truck can do! The 10 double sided learning blocks can also be stacked to make a tower. Or remove the bucket and just place the blocks directly on the base for motor practice while reinforcing other prepositions like “on.” All of these fun ways of simple and repetitive learning and language building and we haven’t even finished! The Smart Star cube is a magical piece that can engage learning in a variety of ways. There are two buttons: one for music fun and one that prompts kids to find a particular block. Each learning block plays a different tune or provides a different question, teaching basic concepts likes shapes and colors. For example, “Triangle, circle… triangle circle… triangle, what comes next?” prompting kids to find a circle (tire). The Store & Go Dump Truck is a super toy to stimulate language learning, through 100+ sounds and phrases, including colors, shapes,  prepositions, verbs, and basic concepts. This toy will grow with your child as they discover all the different features and language  opportunities.

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By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner