k2-_a3583cae-5baf-44df-bc1d-8a4ec2b7c609.v2Lego’s duplo Airport set for ages 2-5 fosters both creative play and language learning through the brand’s well practiced insights in delivering the right ingredients for imaginative play. Most recognizable are a fun sized two tone wide-body jet and three colorful, well detailed people that not only snap inside the plane, but can take on roles that will quickly fan the flames of any number of scenarios. From a pilot going home to his daughter, a flight attendant serving passengers, TSA manning their stations or a mechanic fixing an engine, story lines abound. All these are thoughtfully enabled through balancing specialty theme pieces (suitcase, fuel truck with hose, wrench, reservation computer) with tried and true duplo multicolored interlocking blocks allowing for customization and extension of play. Traveling off on vacation or flying to relatives make some of the richest memories. This Lego set is a great way to capture, reproduce and build upon all those great times and their accompanying feelings, thoughts and language. My little friend wasted no time in putting the plane together, getting the pilot in his seat, and flying off to “Nana’s.” He brought a present along for her in his suitcase, then zoomed back to Connecticut. The only thing missing in this set are frequent flyer miles!

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