“Has your pet dragon’s fire gone out?” This dragon’s persistent and ingenious owner is up for trying everything to relight his friend who can’t produce “even the tiniest flicker of flame.” From lifting the dragon’s back legs and giving a shake, bouncing up and down on his tummy, tickling him with a feather duster under his arms, or offering him a cake full of candles to blow out, this persistent owner can’t seem to get his pal to blow fire again. Giving up he sits down and remembers all the fun adventures they have shared, and comes to the conclusion that he loves and will always love his dragon, fire or not! He can’t help but plant a big kiss of acceptance on his dragon’s nose which brings about a delightful ending to the story. Filled with large print and capital letters, this book invites new readers to move through the colorfully illustrated pages. A perfect read-aloud for the classroom or bedtime story time, this book invites kids  to predict the next attempt to get the dragon to breathe fire or even invent their own solutions, building reading and writing skills.

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