Lights & Stripes Zebra is quite cool in his shiny blue vest with the collar popped up, ready to play with your little one. Explore his body parts describing patterns, polka dots to stripes, colors and textures for your child to absorb. Listen and learn as he sings songs teaching colors and vocabulary related to the zebra’s life in Africa, or invites a sing-along of old traditional tunes like “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” Press zebra’s tummy to hear related sentences “I’m so happy when I dance.” “Will you dance with me?” “All this dancing makes me sleepy, I need a quick nap!” Children learn vocabulary, and sound effects associated with the comments such as galloping, dancing and giving a kiss as well as practice listening and following directions, joining Zebra in a dance. Zebra invites interaction and learning with his repertoire of 15 melodies and three original songs as children start to learn the lyrics and join in. Kids are invited to give a hug or dance with him, as they sharpen their attention to this leader of fun. Parents will love this zebra’s potential to stimulate language and first words.

Available at VTech