Have you ever seen a happier hippo? His little smile makes me chuckle and babies too. Just the right size for grabbing, teething and chatting , this hippo can entertain and invite some conversation while baby is sitting or having some tummy time. Each foot is a different color and texture for teething and parental describing, hands are slippery crinkle padding and his body is a soft velour. His big face invites conversation as babies talk more to a face. Babies can listen to 30 songs, melodies, sounds and rhymes when you push his heart button that lights up. His simplicity makes him popular with babies. Our little one got right to work on teething with his ribbed feet, his size being perfect for manipulating and tasting ears too! When baby started to get bored we simply pushed the heart button for more language to listen to a fun phrase, kiss or melody. Babies are decoding sounds as they listen to them in strings of meaningful language through play so this hippo can be a fun teaching companion to little ones.