00844-Lincoln-Logs-Collectors-Edition-Village-Pkg_300dpiWhat a treat to open this giant can of Lincoln Logs with 327 pieces to create your town. With so many of the basic pieces–5 types of logs, 4 various roof pieces and 3 different support pieces, kids provide the imagination and story theme with this open-ended toy! Our little testers were a family of boys, ages 5, 8 and 9. Their mom was recently asked what all 3 of her boys play with together and she said, “The only toy they all enjoy together is Lincoln Logs!” This Collector’s Edition Village provided hours of play as the boys pretended and acted out the Civil War and frontier life. Mom said, ‘They love making all sorts of forts, buildings, cannons etc. and often add other toy soldiers or animals.” Great toys ignite the imagination and and creativity in kids who use them as a tool, leaving the direction of play up to the kids. As the story changes or takes on new directions while adding more pieces, forts or homes, kids are practicing important language skills to build foundations for reading and writing. This big set allows for kids to build and create over more square footage, expanding their stories and through smart play!

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