31U9g2lBxFL._SL500_AA300_“Shake it up and work it out” with your Magic Moves Electronic Wand, designed for kids who need to get the wiggles out. A perfect tool for parents, teachers or therapists, this wand instructs kids to “creep like a crocodile,” “grow like a beanstalk” or “swoop like a seagull.” An instruction is given and then matching music is played while the child or children produce the appropriate movements. Slower beats match up with “float like a feather’ or “sneak like a leopard,” while faster tones represent “strut like a rooster,” and the quickest pace is saved for “hop like a rabbit” or “zoom like a jet.”  Music matches the action with slow jumps for “leap like a goat,” or deep, strong tones for “stomp like a gorilla.” Besides moving their bodies, children build listening and language skills. Kids need to focus and follow directions to assess curriculum in school–why not practice while  strutting, and jumping? Children learn new action words more easily as they are associated with animals–prowl, scamper, slither or waddle. Kids will love to shake up the learning with this wand!

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