Magicube Story Building is a speech pathologist’s dream product as it provides 143 characters and props for the telling of  “The Three Little Pigs.” Boys and girls alike begged to play with this set of attachable clips that adhere to Geomagworld’s magicubes. They paired nicely with the 27 cube set as kids got right to work building the pig’s straw house. With 5 pages of accessories and characters, numbered one to five, kids get help with the sequence of the story from straw to wood to bricks. Our kids built some pretty high houses and started right in sticking the stacks of hay on with trees, leaves and mushrooms around. “Where is the wind blowing?” a  little girl asked as she wanted the Wolf to huff and a puff. This became a wonderful collaborative story with so many clips to take the story in different directions. From pinecones, logs, straw, ax or cement mixer to a log bed, stove and architectural drawing of a house, kids had plenty of themes to take on.  Creating stories builds kids’ understanding of important elements of a good story to later prepare them for reading a writing.

Available at Fat Brain Toys. Click here