imgres-6Ahoy matey. Get ready to transform your bedroom, playroom, or any wall for that matter,  into a high seas pirate adventure! Set the scene by peeling off the large wall cling pirate ship, island, raft, row boat and treasure chest and apply to your wall. Now the fun begins as kids assemble their story, moving around the 70 magnetic pirates, fish, mermaid, cannonballs, cannons, food, birds, barrels and gold. The story is constantly changing in the hands of kids. “He is gonna guard the treasure,” as a peg-legged pirate stands over a sack of gold, I presume. Our little friend was concerned for the mermaid since she was tied up in a rope. He declared the island “for her team” and only allowed birds, food and gold to be stashed there with her. The hammock became a boat, a piece of the ship became a “trap” for bad guys and the pirate with his eyes closed was “sleep walking!” This language learning toy provides flexible play, where the story can change throughout the day or with each child that adds on his chapter!