bCategoryMarieKruseLittle girls love to dress dolls so what could be even more exciting? To make the clothes that you dress your doll in! As a seamstress and doll lover growing up, (yes, I did make some of my doll’s clothes) I loved the concept of pre-sewn clothing that girls could cut out and add their flair to the doll. The slightly stretchy, colorful fabric is sewn to paper patterns with easy to see outlines for cutting out the tops, pants, dresses, purses, scarfs and more. There are plenty of “tubes” that can be used creatively as my little friend said, “This is her scarf,” and then amended it to “It can be her belt!” “Look at her pretty clothes,” she commented as we kept adding more accessories and pulled the poncho down to expose the shoulders. The stretch factor allows a little girl to pull on the pieces and they stay snug to the doll’s body. The whole experience of making the clothes, dressing the doll and re-inventing some of the tubes of cloth added to the pretend play experience and broadened language learning with this beautiful doll!

Note: this doll and make your own clothes is recommended for 3 years and up but the younger set will need some adult help in cutting out the clothes and turning them right side out.

Available at Kaethe Kruse. Click here