imgres-6Kids happily built a Rescue Center in a matter of minutes, following the picture on the box, intent on making the boat. But that was just the first of many versions they constructed, using the 15 dual-sided magnetic panels to design their marine animal rescue facility. As my little friend was checking out the detailed room panels she said, “Hey, there’s her costume (lab coat). ” With her clipboard, bucket full of fish and first aid kit (“get her urgent kit!”), figure Thea was ready to tend to the injured turtle on the examining table. A magnetic dolphin, seal and otter were placed in different pools of water on deck and in a tub. The many accessories and scenario panels including an operating room, laboratory, otter rehab tank and equipment room spark kids’ imaginations as you watch the story take off. “Get our computer and see what animal needs help!” When she passed through the room with the wet suit and equipment she said, “We might have another mission. Let’s keep our suits on.” The Build and Imagine family also includes the sets, “Malia’s Beach House” and “Day at the Beach” which all  snap together for an even bigger story. Construction of buildings and stories partner to build language skills and story telling, preparing little engineers for later reading and writing.

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