WOW toys is known for its high quality, battery-free vehicles and people that are tough enough to stand up to kids’ creative play. Their new line of play sets adds more language learning as additional props lead children into new play scenarios. Mario’s Pizzeria brought on the fun as kids helped Mario take his orders, turn the wheel to see the topping options (cheese, tomato, pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms or onions), cook the pizza in the oven, load the delivery bike with one of three varieties of pizza and transport them to the hungry customer. Children got the conversation going as they spoke for a figure asking, “So you want cheese pizza?” and took Mario to the back of his shop to make the pie. Pizzas fit into the take-out counter, oven and on the back of the delivery vehicle, for each step of the process. Who thought you could order, make and deliver a pizza with no batteries? That’s pure fun!

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