Marvel WordARound by ThinkFun is a fast paced reading game that creates plenty of excitement beyond traditional word games (especially for all the Marvel fans!). It combines word recognition and phonemic understanding into an exhilarating educational adventure, making it a great addition to any classroom or family game night.

The game includes a set of 100 cards, each with three concentric circles containing letters arranged in a circular pattern. Players work to identify and read aloud the word hidden within the circles as quickly as possible. They’re using phonetic knowledge of consonants, consonant clusters, and vowels to figure out and read the correct sequence of a word.

Marvel fans were so fond of this game! Taking pride in word recognition skills and also categorizing words based on their thematic connections. They quickly tried deciphering superheroes (Thor, Rocky Raccoon, Silver Surfer, Black Panther), villains (Doctor Octopus, Loki, Thanos) and adjectives (cosmic, honest, magnetic, excellent). Players deepened their understanding of sounds and phonemic relationships. This cognitive process strengthened reading skills, all while immersing players in the exciting world of Marvel.

As players encounter unfamiliar words or obscure references (we had to look up who the Silver Surfer was!), they relied on their phonemic awareness skills to break down words into sounds and syllables. This process of decoding words promotes phonemic awareness and practices phonics skills essential for reading fluency and literacy development.

Marvel WordARound by ThinkFun is a stellar addition to your game closet for quick and educational gameplay, offering a thrilling blend of word recognition, categorization, and phonemic understanding wrapped in the excitement of the Marvel universe.

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