Check your reflexes before opening this box! Mish Mash is a fast-action, slap happy card game where players win cards by spotting a common feature amongst animals. With four fun categories to match, including Animal, Color, Food, or Mood, players must be quick to try to win the pile.

Players shuffle and deal the cards as equally as possible amongst players. They place their stack, face-down, and ready to flip on top of the center card. Players can choose a particular category to match. For instance, if the match is Color, then you’re looking for any animal of the same color. However — players must remember the card beneath (great for exercising short-term memory!) to determine if it’s a match AND if they should slap the pile to win it! The game ends when a player is out of cards.

Mish Mash provides opportunities for cognitive and visual processing development. It requires players to quickly scan and process the information on the cards, as well as use their visual memory to remember different category attributes. This can help improve their visual processing abilities and strengthen their working memory.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, this game is a great for travel, fun and quick to learn, and can help develop important cognitive, language, and social skills, while having fun and staying engaged.

Available Summer 2023 at The Op