W_MP_DMN15_005_380x380My little 2 year-old friend picked up Bebe Bisou and said, “That smells good!” The fun was just starting as he pushed the baby’s tummy and heard the giggle. I loved his look of complete surprise as he pressed again to hear “Mama” and “Papa.” Now he was holding his hands up as if to say, “How can that happen?” The smooch kissing sound was the favorite and everyone was imitating it, passing kisses around. Then he looked at Bebe Bisou and said, “Say Sah” which is his name for his older sister. He was instructing the doll now! Corolle has introduced their first talking doll and with just 4 stand alone words she gets little mommys and daddys to interact and talk to her–just what we want! Corolle knows that kids need to lead the play and can do so more easily with a beautiful doll and accessories to spark imaginations and creativity through storytelling. Language skills are strengthened as little ones respond to their baby or instruct her through eating, sleeping, strolling or playing. What a perfect companion for a chat during the day!

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