zookeeper costumeMy First Career Gear pretend play shirts by Aeromax, Inc. bring to life little zookeepers, train conductors, pit crew members and magicians to name a few.  My 3 year-old friend couldn’t wait to put on his Zookeeper gear as he tended to the animals, handing out food. The chest pocket has a clear window to personalize with a picture or name. My little fellow loved the sunglasses, parrot and feeding schedule printed on the front. He’ll never loose his keys pictured dangling from his pocket while his Animal Care Team patch shows his concern for the zoo residents. These pretend costumes are easy to get on and off and close with hook and loop closures that are kid friendly. The most creative homes I visit usually have a bin overflowing with pretend play props and costumes at the ready. Imaginative play shows kids the power of language as they assume a role, experiment with dialogue and story plots, and negotiate with peers, adding to the story. Children imitate what they experience and add to it as they slip into their gear and take on a role. The My First Career Gear line is a perfect prop for creative play, with easy on and off to try out a new character and step into their routine.

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