13663So many girls like anything horses and now they can assemble this beautiful puzzle, download the app, and play 3 associated games to extend the fun! Ravensburger’s beautiful art work invites you to step in and pet this magnificent horse, adored by a companion puppy, and girl dressed in her riding apparel. Surrounded by apple trees and set in front of a barn and stable scene, this puzzle is such fun to put together with flowers, fences, buildings and mountains setting the scene for the horse and his rider. Puzzle assembly is a fun conversation builder when done with a companion. “I need her blue jacket,” or “Where is the puppy’s collar?” contribute to the collaborative activity. Finish up the puzzle and there is more fun to be had. The associated app provides three activities. Visit the Tack Room to customize your horse with braided and adorned manes, tails, saddles, bridles, plaits, ribbons, badges and gaiters. My little friend tried every object on before choosing her final portrait picture. Save your image or add your photographed face to the rider. Photoshoot takes a close-up of you and your horse and then enjoy a game of Memory with images of all things for horse lovers!

Available at Ravensburger