imgresIt’s a busy day getting ready for “My First Shop” to open–stocking the shelves with milk, juice, dog food, pretzels, bread, bananas and apples-before the first customer arrives. And who might that be? My little friends always popped the dog in place in the 2-piece pink car along with Mom or Dad and took off for the store. They assembled tables, a dish for the dog food, flower stands and set up the check-out area. With so many specialty pieces in this newest Duplo set, children’s stories take unlimited tracks. One little friend was ready to take her groceries home when we started to load the car. She became enthralled with stacking them on top of the car when we ran out of room inside and had a hilarious time watching our pile crash and re-building it! This set is terrific for pretend play and storytelling as language lessons are learned through fantastically fun play.

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