GUND’s My Little Food Truck Playset is a the perfect plush for your foodie baby or toddler. It’s a 5-piece plush that’s great for on-the-go with its carrying handle and self storing items and promotes exploratory play, pretend play, and spatial reasoning.

With all of GUND’s Play Soft collection, this food truck allows tiny hands to have a multisensory experience while dipping into exploratory and pretend play. Inside the food truck are 4 additional sensory stimulating toys. A taco to crinkle, a burger that squeaks, boba tea that makes bubble sounds, and an adorable teddy bear chef. These different sensory experiences stimulate neural pathways and encourage fine motor skill development.

Babies and toddlers enjoyed opening and closing the top of the velcro food truck, taking mini plush toys out and putting them back in. Understanding the concept of “in-ness” is a vital milestone in early cognitive development. When children put the plush food inside the truck or take it out, they are learning about containment and spatial concepts in a hands-on and engaging way.

My Little Food Truck Playset introduces babies and toddlers to imaginative role-playing. Our 2-year old toy tester combined toys in play by having the teddy bear chef serve up a taco. She began to sequence play and build short schemas. This provided an excellent opportunity to provide the language according to her play to help build vocabulary, expand verbal language and improve processing. It was the beginnings of pretend play, which is essential for developing cognition, creativity and imagination. My Little Food Truck Playset nurtures a child’s growing mind through exploratory play, pretend play, and spatial reasoning.

Available at GUND and Amazon