A3975K_front_640_520What can be more fun than a tea party? Certainly decorating your tea set first, according to my little girlfriends. Galt’s white ceramic tea set is just begging for some fashionista to add the color and design for a proper cup of tea. The set includes a tea pot, creme and sugar and 4 sets of cups, saucers and plates. Butterflies, polka dots and flowers abound as little artists decorate their set before the party. Parents liked the easy open plastic paint pots, providing 12 cheery colors and a brush to decorate the set. The ceramic paints dried to a shiny finish giving the finished product a look of being glazed. This make-and-play toys provides a double opportunity for creativity as kids design the toy that becomes central to pretend play. After the paint dries for a week, let the storytelling begin, preparing little ones for later reading and writing.

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