Crayola’s Paint and Create Easel Case has everything an artist needs to express, design, and produce their most creative art. The convenient carrying case includes watercolor paint, washable paint, 4 brushes and mixing trays. It also has colored pencils, sketch pencils, sticker sheet, and paper. The dual sided, built-in easel is the perfect workstation for an artist on the go.

We love the dual-sided easel for playing “barrier games.” A barrier game is when two people sit across from each other with a barrier between them. The speaker gives directions to their partner using their best description to try to create the same picture scene. For instance, the speaker might say “in the bottom corner, paint a purple flower.” The speaker is using language and vocabulary to be descriptive and precise, as the listener works at following multi-step directions. At the end of the game, the partners compare their scenes to see if they’re the same!

Geared towards the older artist, there are great opportunities for learning Tips and Tricks for various art techniques. Included in the carrying case and supplies is a quick guide that teaches artists different skills such as press variation when using a paintbrush to change the thickness, texture, and color hue. It gives a few tips on how to spread color for blending using the watercolor pencils too.

Kids will love the Paint and Create Easel Case since it has everything they need to make masterpieces. They will also learn and practice “Art Vocabulary” showcased in the Tips and Tricks tutorial page to understand concepts like color hue, shape, detailing, overlay and spreading. Art is the perfect way for children to communicate what they see and how they feel, making connections to the world around them.

Available at Crayola and Target