Pawvocados by Blue Orange Games is all about pawesome pairs, matching shapes, and adding up points. Players get quickly acquainted with their favorite pets matching cats, dogs, and bunnies ensuring their pit-shaped nose is a match while learning the value of comparing and contrasting in language development.

The game includes 60 avocado-shaped Pawvocado cards, 18 item cards, and 2 avocado dice. Players work to create a whole Pawvocado by matching pet noses: round, square, or triangle.

On a turn, players decide to take one of two actions: (1) Roll the unique avocado dice to draw from the deck or (2) Buy an item by trading Pawvocado cards. By collecting Pawvocado cards, players quickly learned to strategize on matching Pawvocados or buying items for a chance for more points.

Comparing and contrasting nose shapes was easy to grasp for our 4 and 6-year old players. However, players paid close attention to detail to find identical Pawvocado cards (needed to buy items for more points). This means that not only did the pet/nose have match, but also their facial expression. This allowed for more opportunities to talk about same/different attributes and more language during gameplay. Yes, they both have a brown and round noses but this one looks silly with his tongue out and this one looks confused.”

These are fundamental cognitive skills that lay the foundation for critical thinking and language development. These skills help children make connections, understand relationships, and expand their vocabulary. Additionally, they are crucial for comprehension, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Pawvocados has a quick gameplay — about 15 minutes — and kids really enjoyed it. The unique avocado dice, chatting about different pets and their facial expressions, and strategizing to gain the most points makes this game a winner. There’s pawesome hidden learning in comparing and contrasting cards and simple addition to add up points at the end.

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