Lift open your LapPup and say hi to Violet or Scout who are ready for a game of peek-a-boo! Our Violet invites interaction, “I love you!” “Will you play with me?” “Touch the green crayon.” Little ones learn from imitating everyday experiences and want to be just like Mom and Dad with their very own flip open laptop. Violet’s big welcoming face starts the conversation when her mouth lights up as she talks. Kids can take on the role of a grown up, typing on the colored crayon keys and sliding the mouse to click as it moves up and down over shapes. Number and shape buttons play cute rhymes, “Number 2, number 2, number super me and you!” Catchy phrases are just the right length for little ones to learn, remember and repeat, hearing rhyming words to prepare them for later reading. With just eight buttons to learn numbers, colors and shapes, kids can hear three numbers, five colors and three shapes as well as over 50 learning activities to build their repertoire of concepts for preschool. Our little friend loved her “Puter” and took it with her everywhere. I even found her sitting with it and singing along with the songs! Just snap it shut, grab the handle and be on your way.

Available at Target.