Famosa Pinypon FairiesFairies have to be flexible to fly around and play with their unicorns, as are these little miniature dolls. My little friends were excited to open the package and start taking apart their dolls, exchanging hair, wings, outfits and butterflies to customize their own characters. “Can I have the pink hair?” one asked her sister. “I love the pinypons! This is Peppermint,” as she chose a name for her fairy. Easy to take apart and assemble, these fairy dolls can exchange legs, torsos, heads, wings, hair and accessories. I think the glitter hair was the favorite as they were handed around. Once everyone got their fairy just so, the story began, “Let’s have a party tonight,” and “Let’s have unicorn fashion show!” Ready for pretend play, these fairies encouraged a lot of conversation as they dressed up for their activities. Note: each fairy and unicorn is packaged and bought separately.

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