Your little one will love to dance and groove along with this guitar playing puppy, who rocks as she presses the button. A mom just asked me for suggestions for her daughter who loves music and starts up her rotating dance moves whenever music comes on. Now she can operate her Puppy Tunes by pressing the three instrument buttons to hear the beat played by the drum, piano or saxophone, while puppy identifies pop, jazz and classical music. “Can you grab an instrument to jam with the music?” “Can you press the piano?” gives an opportunity for listening and following directions while pressing the music button activates Puppy as he sings songs and plays classical, pop and jazz music. When young children are exposed to music, they are developing skills that contribute to language development as they learn to listen for differences in sounds, rhythm, and words. I often used simple songs and rhymes set to music when doing speech and language therapy with kids as they were often able to string a longer group of words together and remember in a song than in conversation. Kids can operate this Puppy independently so music and language learning are right at their fingertips!

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