Lifestyle Shot for Catalogs:Ads2Talk about flexible fun–kids set up play with Play Tape, unrolling the roads for a straight path or using the newly released curves to make road building easier to move around furniture, kitchen islands or beds. Our little friends thankfully had a cooperative Mom as they laid out their track all around the kitchen floor! It didn’t take long for them to go vertical up the walls too. This open-ended activity absolutely puts the kids in the driver’s seat of directing the play which is where they learn the most. The youngest ones might need some help unwinding the tape but most kids can set up play independently and continue to modify their track according to their story. Boys and girls loved the tape with color options black, red, orange, purple and blue. What was so exciting to me was to watch 5 kids play cooperatively with the tape, ages 3-12, chatting away as they planned where to direct the road next and brought in toys and vehicles from other play sets. Our kids ran the road right through a zoo, taking people on a tour, including under a bridge, to see the different animals in their habitats. This tape clearly brings kids and varying toy themes together as kids get creative with their storytelling!

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