I’ll admit that the Pop Oh Ver Counter top and Kitchen Stove were two of my favorite new toys spotted at the International Toy Fair in New York City this year. Designed by a mom of 7 the Kitchen Counter Top is a perfect complement to the Kitchen Stove, encouraging further pretend play as kids place their bread in a toaster or mix up a smoothie in the blender, store ingredients in the three pockets and have fruits and vegetables ready to use on the shelf above. Set up is fast and easy as you open the box, unfold the canvas slipcover and put it over a chair, tying the ribbons on the side. I know that many of my Grammy friends and educators took note when I posted pictures because this Counter Top can slip on a chair when kids and grandkids come and be put away when they’re gone. Just watching the transformation of a chair was fun for kids. Kids benefit from clever toys that inspire creative pretend play, as they imitate activities of daily living. They become the authors of their own stories while building important language skills.

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