The kitchen magic starts when you open the Pop Oh Ver box, unfold the canvas stove and slip it over a chair. “Wow!” as a mom said when she first saw it. Made from fabric, buttons and thick plastic pockets this kitchen is ready to prepare a meal. Open the top microwave and slip in your coffee or roll to heat up while you get some eggs and oatmeal cooking on the four burners. The oven door opens to slip cookies or lasagna in and closes with magnets. This stove slipped over a chair was one of the hottest items people were talking about at the Toy Fair in New York City this year. Perfect for parents, grandparents, or educators who don’t have a lot of space to display a play kitchen, this Pop Oh Ver Stove Set was cleverly designed by a mom of seven. She knows how precious space is but so is pretend play. As kids imitate adults in their life and everyday activities, they are building their own stories as well as their language skills AND you might be invited to taste a little treat!

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