This tag along snail was such a hit with the toddler set that even older siblings waited in line for a turn. Made from Plan Toy’s new eco-friendly composite from sawdust from their factory, this Pull-Along Snail inches along the floor (and goes up and down steps!) as his four interlocking sections move up and down. Kids stared at its movements and experimented as they tugged at the rope, moving him around the floor. Language flowed as children related to their pal with the sleepy eyes, giving a running dialogue of his wanderings, “Me take him walk,” “Him come up steps,” and “Him goin’ faster!” Toys with faces encourage language since children talk more to faces. They immediately found the snail to be a captivating friend. The best endorsement for this toy was when a 2 year-old was offered the rope to try it out and he got so excited and started to talk, pulled his pacifier out and threw it on the floor to keep talking! Don’t we love a toy that entertains and teaches?