419J13amq0L._SL500_AA300_Thanks to Puppet-on-a-Stick’s unique design, kids can hold the character and operate his mouth while pulling down the lever on his stick body. Delighted to be able to independently operate these alien looking creatures, children jumped right in to pretend play in the traditional sense–behind a sheet or curtain, popping up to announce or participate in the puppet show, or walked around like a puppeteer with the world as their stage.  My little clients also used the puppets to direct play much like a master of ceremonies (usually a little bossier friend) as they role-played their characters. Kai, Lex and Fez are wonderful tools for teachers and therapists as kids pay attention to a puppet, following directions, describing actions, having conversations and learning lessons. Since maintaining attention is often an issue when working with kids, a fascinating puppet can help. Some kids we work with have difficulty with eye contact but will look at a puppet for cues. Somehow opening and closing Kai’s mouth was more fun than watching me!  Who doesn’t like a clever puppet?

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