QMonkeyQ has come to befriend, teach and cuddle a child, family or a classroom of kids. Children loved Q, our plush monkey, who’s designed to spread out on a child’s tummy to encourage relaxed breathing, as kids watch their friend rise and fall with each belly breath. Teaching kids to slow down, take a quiet moment, and watch their breathing, can encourage better focus, attention span and emotional control. My little friends slowed down and laid very still to watch Q move up and down on their belly. Their mom, a first grade teacher asked if Q could visit her classroom to try his magic. Turns out the kids all started wanting a turn with Q so he was the object of a good EQ (Emotional Quotient) lesson in taking turns and being patient! Their teacher reported that “Q helped calm kids down because they had to lie very still, which is also nice to teach them.” Q is part of a family of excellent products (“Q’s Race to the Top” game, and “Q’s Wild Ride CD and Storybook”) designed to build children’s EQ (Emotional Quotient/Intelligence) helping them recognize and name emotions in themselves and others, and use this information to guide their behavior and understand others, building important social skills to successfully navigate life.

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