The learning starts in Race to the Treasure as kids set up the game. The object is to get to the treasure before the Ogre does but first, players have to place 4 keys and an Ogre snack on the letter and numbered grid for later pickup. Roll the dice to get the coordinates to correctly place your tokens on the board. Players begin by taking turns drawing path cards to make a continuous line from START to the treasure, collecting 3 keys to unlock the treasure and use the Ogre snack to knock him back a space, giving you time to snatch that treasure. Lots of conversation ensues when players are strategizing on where to put their path card to get to the treasure the fastest. We even named our cards for straight, bendy and two-way as we discussed where to put them to our group’s advantage. Thanks to Peaceable Kingdom for yet another fun, cooperative learning game that teaches collaboration, problem-solving and social language skills. I’ve met one too many kids who can’t stand to lose who need to pick up one of these games!

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