Infantino really got the right angle in this tummy time triangle wedge to encourage baby’s strength and development. We know that babies are spending a lot more time on their backs so specialists are encouraging some tummy time each day to build head, neck and upper body muscles that contribute to motor development such as rolling over, crawling and walking. But what about speech? When baby pulls up and turns from side to side to check out her world, she is also strengthening and toning the muscles that contribute to speech, building support for phonation. Developed with Pediatric Occupational Therapists, the Right Angle Tummy Triangle uses gravity in its unique angle so baby can comfortably balance and play while developing upper body strength. The adjustable activity arch has 3 positions to accommodate growing babies as they prop up higher, watching and reaching for the crinkly bee and mirror. A separate musical tummy timer provides music to play by for 1, 5, or 10 minutes. Moms were impressed with the simple design that conforms to a baby’s body that can make tummy time fun and productive!

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