imagesBeing a fan of Rory’s story Cubes, I’ve found that “Max” takes the storytelling to a new level. Something about the larger cubes, manipulated in little hands,  changes the play as kids view their story in a larger dimension. I found my storytellers arranging the larger cubes physically to correspond to their script as the table top became a canvas for the story. Cubes were arranged above, and below in 3 dimensions as kids flew the airplane, glided their parachute or crossed a bridge to enhance their narrative. The 9 jumbo cubes provide 54 images and over 10,000,000 combinations for junior authors. I’m constantly amazed at how kids  use the symbols in both a concrete and abstract way to build their story. An open book can represent “read,” “instructions,” or “school,” while an arrow can say “go,” “fly” or “archer.” Rory’s Story Cubes– MAX is a terrific tool for individual or group learning in a classroom to ignite kids’ imaginations and enthusiasm for creating stories, leading to creative writing and reading success.

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