Who doesn’t like ice cream? Summer and winter! This cart reigned with the kids as I put it on top of the coffee table, on the floor or it was pushed along from room to room. Imagination takes over as kids run their own ice cream cart and create special cones for their animal friends. Select one of the 5 activity cards, place it in the cash register and listen to follow directions in sequence. Monkey wants mint ice cream with whipped cream topping while Kitty orders a scoop of vanilla topped with sprinkles. Kids loved the magnetic scoop that grabs combinations of the 4 flavors of ice cream and 3 toppings. Pump out pretend syrups and learn to count to 10. Ring the bell to tell your customer their order is ready! Oops, don’t forget to pay. Press the cash register button to count and hear sound effects. Playtime phrases teach colors, numbers, counting, flavors and more while kids are exploring the cart. Learning to listen and follow a series of directions is an important language skill for the classroom, as many teachers have told me. Finished your order? It’s time to pack up and roll to the next stop!

Available at Target. Click here